Best Live Betting Strategy

Definition of Live betting: This particular kind of gambling happens when a sporting event is going on. It is best known as in-play betting or in-game betting. Punters place a bet as the game continues. Instead of pre-match betting, a punter opts to bet after the game has already started. 

What is live betting (Can you bet on a live game?)

Yes, you can bet on a live game. As the players kick the ball, you can place a winning bet. With live betting, one can bet in real-time. Thus, live betting is all about placing bets on teams that are already in action. It is interesting because you can bet while following or streaming the action. 

Live betting has the best odds ever. Once a game has kicked off, the odds start shooting. This kind of betting is available on many top sports betting websites.

Live betting in football

Football is the world’s most loved sport. When a football team is playing an opponent, say Aston Villa vs. Arsenal, one can wager on the teams any time until the final whistle. Live betting in football is extremely popular in Europe and the western world. 

One can place bets on corners, next corner, goals, free kicks, and throwings, to mention a few. Live betting in football offers the perfect opportunity to profit from betting, especially in football matches. Before the 90 minutes, you bet and win real money.

Live betting strategy

Today, one of the quickest ways to earn money as a punter is live betting. We all have an opportunity to utilize technology through robots and machine learning. Live game betting is an incredible approach to sports betting. In essence, in-play betting creates amazing opportunities to win big. However, there are consequences if you do not know the right strategies. 

Making money in live betting calls for straightforward strategies. More importantly, you must be disciplined to stay profitable. Our live betting experts at Gradualwins have compiled a proven live betting strategy to keep you on the profiting side of the curve. 

The following is tested and proven. Stick to it, and you will be a happy punter in the live betting world. Below is what you need; It’s a framework that you will not find anywhere else on the internet: –

  • Use and stick to a flat strategy only. 

In live betting, and sports betting in general, flat betting means you place the same amount on all bets. You choose a certain figure, don’t change that amount no matter what. 

  • Come up with a live bet qualifying criteria. Don’t bet on any or all games – Have a criterion that tells you which team to bet on. This could be a certain number of goals or time of play. 

  • Go for one bet per game. As easy as that. 

  • Bet against the market, not against yourself. 

  • Think in terms of goals. Players chase the ball to score goals. A goal comes before any win.

  • Always watch the overvalued bets – This is where hedging comes into play. 

  • Do not bet out of emotions to recover. If you lose one, stick to the strategy as you will be on the receiving end in the long run. 

  • Know your limits

Live betting tips

You are persuaded that live betting is the right path, right? Well, Gradualwins have live betting monitors. Thus, every movement in the pitch is captured, and a signal is received via machine learning. Moreso, we have experts watching every game and giving live betting analysis every 14 minutes. This guarantees you the hottest in-play tips in real-time. Our main goal is to help you beat the bookmakers.

This is what you do: Be quick to place the live bet because odds change in milliseconds. 

On our live betting page, you will find a live betting tip updated daily. If you don’t want to keep refreshing the web, feel free to join our Telegram Channel for real-time tips. To profit, stick to the strategy that we implement after years of testing. 

Live betting secret

  1. Bet during 2nd half.
  2. Bet on goals.
  3. Bet on teams you know and with a high scoring power.
  4. In live betting, over 0.5 is more logic during 2nd half.
  5. First half odds will make you rich, especially over 0.5 (place between 7th and 12th minute). 

Live betting odds 

In-play betting has the best odds ever. In pre-game betting, odds are lower than in live-action. If over 2.5 goals have 1.66 odds, the odds start shooting every minute towards 2+, 3+, etc. All that is needed is to know when to place the live bet, thus taking advantage of the boosted odds – This is what we do best. 

Live betting app and sites 

Live betting sites normally come up with live betting apps. Tracing the major bookmakers offering live betting platforms depends on the country or region. If you join any, you are in for an excellent in-play experience. 

Conclusion on live betting

Live betting is a trade. Thus it would be best if you mastered your art to profit from it. However, it is addictive, and you could lose family and stress yourself up. Thus, bet responsibly. If you make a small profit, be content as you did not have it before placing your bet. 

If you apply the sincere guideline-recommended above, you are in for success in live betting. Make sure you are aware of the live betting markets while still striving to become a responsible punter.. Go make some serious cash!