Steven Gerrard (Profile, Coaching and News)

Steven Gerrard is best described as a football coach, former player and one of the century’s best midfielders.  

Born: March 1980. 

Nationality: England.

Talent discovery: At the age of 9 years. 

Professional contract: At the age of 17 years. 

Steven Gerrard at Liverpool and International career

The Liverpool football legend made his debut for the Liverpool club in 1998. In his debut season, Gerrard made 13 appearances. During this time, he was lucky to replace Jamie Redknapp who was injured by then. 

Hint: Gerrard considered himself a ‘Defensive Player’ – Always making key tackles instead of pushing the team forward.

During the 1999-20 season, Gerrard became a regular player in the club’s midfield. His very first senior-club goal came when Liverpool beat Sheffield Wednesday 4-1. In the immediate subsequent season, 2000-01, Gerrard made 50 starts, scoring 10 goals – Incredible. In the same season, 1999-20, Gerrard won his first major title with the club; FA Cup, UEFA and the Football League Cup. He scored during the UEFA Cup finals. 

The winning trend at Liverpool continued. Gerrard won two Cups in the following season, 2001-02; FA Cup and UEFA Super Cup. By this time, Gerrard had already earned the Vice Captaincy. 

Then came the journey to victory: In 2003, October, Gerrard became the captain of the Liverpool club. He replaced Samia Hyypia. 

The then coach, Gerard Houllier, declared that Gerrard had exemplary leadership skills and was just letting him mature. Houllier would then resign after a trophyless season, 2003-04. At the same period, Gerrard turned down an offer from Chelsea. Rafael Benitez became his new coach.

His best and most crucial goal to date was against Olympiacos, during the Champions League knockout stage (2004-05 season): Gerrard scored from the 25 yards mark to send the club to the next round. This is still memorable and admirable. ‘What a hit son,’ said Skybet commentator. 

When Liverpool won the champions league in 2005, Gerrard was regarded as ‘man of the match.’ Later on, the prolific midfielder was awarded UEFA Footballer of the Year.

‘I would rather win one premier league title with Liverpool than win multiples with Chelsea.’ This was Steven Gerrard after extending his stay at Liverpool in 2005.   

2007 must be a year to remember for Steven Gerrard: He became 6th in FIFA World Player of the Year. There were 5 football legends before him; Kaka, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Drogba and Ronaldinho.


‘He doesn’t get attention like Messi or Ronaldo, but he has the best passing ability. Gerrard can score and tackle. More importantly, Gerrard’s presence on the pitch gives other players confidence and belief.’ – Zinedine Zidane, 2009. 

From 46 matches in the 2009-10 competition, Gerrard had netted 12 goals and 9 assists. 

The period between 2012-2015 became Gerrards final season. In 2013 Gerrard scored in 15 consecutive league campaigns. Wow, Amazingly Amazing! He became the longest captain in Liverpool’s history – 10 years of captaincy. 

Remember: Steven Gerrard had 30 goals in the champion league competition. This record was broken in 2021 by Mohammed Salah.

  • Final season: 2015-15 season was the legends last season at Anfield and EPL. 
  • His last game at Anfield was against Crystal Palace – 16th May 2015.
  • His final game was against Stoke City – 24th May 2015.

International wise, Steven Gerrard began call ups between 2000-2004. His first world Cup was that of 2006. Between 2006-2010, he was the vice-captain for Rio Ferdinand during Fabio Capello’s era. His national team captaincy role, as well as retirement, came from 2010-2014. 

Steven Gerrard at LA Galaxy

Steven Gerrard’s finals years and retirement happened in the LA Galaxy, whch plays in MLS. His contract with the MLS side was worth $9million. He scored and assisted in his MLS debut game against San Jose Earthquakes. 

On 24th November 2016, Steven Gerrard announced his retirement from professional football. 

Steven Gerrard’s Family

Gerrard is married to Alex Curran. The couple has four children. 

To date, Steven Gerrard is considered one of the most-complete footballers of the 21st century. Due to the style of play and achievement, the honour is well deserved.

Steven Gerrard’s Coaching Career

Liverpool Academic: 2017 – 2018
Rangers: 2018-2021: –

At the Scottish premiership, Steven Gerrard made his name and history in coaching. Since his debut game as the Rangers coach, the team went 12 unbeaten. 

The 2020-21 season was the talk of Scottish football. Gerrard led Rangers to claim back-to-back wins over Celtic – Long-time rivals. Rangers went ahead to win the league title in march 2021. 

Note: Rangers won the title without registering a single loss in its league matches. 

It’s in Gerrards era that Rangers F.C won the Scottish premiership after 10 years of thirst. 

Aston Villa: 2021 – 2022

In November 2021, Steven Gerrard succeeded Dean Smith to become Aston Villa’s first-team coach. Steven Gerrard recorded a 2-0 victory over Brighton & Hove Albion in his debut as the ‘Villas’ coach. In that EPL season, 2021/22, Aston Villa secured position 14. The premier league winner for that partcular season was Manchster City. However, for the 2022/23 season, Aston villa performed poorly under his stewardship. He was fired by the club on 20th October 2022.