world cup 2022 draw and groups

World Cup Groups in Qatar 2022

The countdown to this year’s FIFA  World Cup, Qatar 2022, to be held in Qatar is already on. The tournament, now branded as Qatar 2022, kicked off in November 2022. The opening game was scheduled to take place on November 20th.  The finals will happen on 18th December. This marks one month of fantastic football.

Qatar 2022, world cup 2022, is the first to happen towards the end of the year. This means the FIFA calendar in 2022 will be a little bit different. Football fans are used to the June-July World Cup.

World Cup Standings

The world cup 2022 draw happened on 1st April 2022. There will be 8 groups consisting of 4 teams. Qatar 2022 Groups, comprising 32 teams playing in Qatar. World Cup Standings as follows:

Group A

  • Netherlands – 4pts
  • Ecuador – 4pts
  • Qatar – 3pts
  • Senegal – 0pts

Group B

  • England – 4pts
  • Iran – 3pts
  • USA – 2pts
  • Wales – 1pts

Group C

  • Poland – 4pts
  • Argentina – 3pts
  • Saudi Arabia – 3pts
  • Mexico – 1pts

Group D

  • France – 6pts
  • Australia – 3pts
  • Denmark – 1pts
  • Tunisia – 1pts
England's Football Team Anthem

Group E

  • Spain – 4pts
  • Japan – 3pts
  • Costa Rica – 3pts
  • Germany – 1pts

Group F

  • Croatia – 4pts
  • Morocco – 4pts
  • Belgium – 3pts
  • Canada – 0pts

Group G

  • Brazil – 3pts
  • Switzerland – 3pts
  • Cameroon – 0pts
  • Serbia – 0pts

Group H

  • Portugal – 3pts
  • Uruguay – 1pts
  • Korea Rep. – 1pts
  • Ghana – 0pts

We have gathered all you need to know about Qatar 2022; From the world cup draw, standings & schedule, and venues for the World Cup 2022. 

Why is Qatar 2022 happening during winter? 

The reason for this is that Qatar experiences a lot of heat during summer. The tournament was moved to winter to avoid the intensive heat. This is so considerate of the football governing body FIFA. 

First World Cup game in Qatar

On 20th November  2022, Qatar featured in the first game because it is the host nation. The match took place at Al Bayt stadium; A stadium located in Al Khor. 

Final world cup game in Qatar 2022

This particular game will mark the climax of Qatar 2022 and this year’s world cup. Interestingly, the final game will be played one week from Christmas – 18th December. This game will be held in Doha: Lusail Stadium. 

Qatar 2022 group of death

Firstly, group H is characterized by rivalry. Why? In Qatar 2022, Ghana will be keen on revenge against Uruguay – The two teams meet in the world cup a decade later! Worse enough, the group also presents Ronaldo vs Suarez. Korea is the underdog in this group.

Qatar 2022 group E is another. The German machine will face spain! We can only wait, nothing much can be said. 

What about England in Qatar 2022?  Well, without a doubt, England got lucky – just like in the 2010 world cup. England will play against Iran, USA and one of these Wales.

Qatar 2022 it is!