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If you ‘Think in Terms of Goals predictions,’ you can never go wrong – You will be on the gain(s) side. Let Gradualwin’s football prediction of day be your source of wins for today.

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This site produces football predictions of today. The forecasts or predictions reflect the wins for today and  are produced by soccer analysts or experts. Basically, the predictions cut across all existing staking markets. Thus, a single or numerous football predictions of today will land you in a profit corner. Any moment, Gradualwins guarantees you today’s predictions for football. To generate and confirm the football predictions of today, we consider team statistics, player form as well as history.

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Here, of all football predictions today, punters get a daily selection of goals prediction, 3 way wins and other sure bets of today. To a greater extent, there is enough proof’, these particular selections are characterized by high winning chance(s).  The criteria used to produce the sure bets of today has been tested for over 8 years. By giving you sure wins predictions today, our experts/analysts are considered to have helped bettors make informed decisions about where to place their bets. The idea is that by following these football predictions of today, bettors can increase their chances of winning and make more profitable bets. It’s worth noting that the selections for this category suits both the football prediction today and tonight. However, betting and gambling at large always carry great risk. 


Gradualwins provides sports information only. We do not support any illegal gambling undertakings. We present our followers and visitors with professional sport tips: Football predictions of today. We also provide safe bets today which are considered as sure bets of today. Regardless of size or portfolio, we value our clients and partners. Our core focus is to increase our clients confidence, while still improving our performance. 


From a professional lens, we constantly demonstrate how to turn market uncertainties to clients’ advantage. This requires us to be constantly analytical, honest and transparent – One reason why millions follow our platform. 


Our focus on quality services is grounded on reliable information. Our investment strategies have been tested for 7 years now, and still counting. To ensure optimal quality tips, Gradualwins gathers information from coaches, federations, soccer journalist experts and a vast network of soccer experts. 

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Just like you – Our Client or Visitor – We are passionate about sport. Although we cannot guarantee you 100% profits, our selected tips will keep you on the profit side.