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Safe bet tips for football prediction is the most precious thing for a punter. If you have been searching for accurately predicted football matches, for major leagues including Bundesliga,Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, and the Premier League (EPL), it’s worth paying attention to this discussion. 

For the longest time, free football prediction sites did not provide safe bet tips to the daily punters – However, I like calling them daily investors. Here, gradualwins the first to commit to a truthful course of providing safe bets on a daily basis. Forget about 50/50 chances or usual sweet taks on manipulated matches. How I wish you can switch your mind to over 87% success rate on any wager section. On top of the best predictions, and safe bet tips, you are guaranteed excellent management and gradual profits every month. 

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Apart from relevant mathematical approaches, to present our punters with overly accurate safe bet tips, we embrace past experiences and staking formulas that have been tested for close to a decade now. Nevertheless, we have a disclaimer for you: there is no guarantee that you will win big immediately, instead, it’s a gradual process that requires patience. We prioritize risk management and resilience – this is the door to more profits than losses. 

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Gradualwins should be your first stop for free and accurate betting tips. At this age and error, there is no point in losing a lot of money which triggers depression and brokenness or bankruptcy. Enough is enough, no more losses due to untrustworthy tips. A safer tip is the true north in betting. Let us introduce you gradually. 

Apart from the massive wins all along, 90% of our subscribers change their perspective on betting after registering gradualwins. How, they still had to do one more thing: wipe out all the greed. Safe bet prediction tips take time to be fruitful. It’s fundamental to understand and get used to a new norm of staking andbetting. 

Punters must be ready to gain a view of our safe  betting and strategy logic. We don’t bet on games or markets unknown to us – Never will it happen at gradual wins. Thismeans, notasingle punter should bet blindly.

How much money can you make from betting safe bets?

The Answer is enough – Yes, there’s an opportunity to earn and make enough to make you happy. We present an honest plea to all our punters- have the much-needed betting confidence. However, we recommend not to allow red marks in your bet slip – This is the reason we’re here to ensure you have green marks all through. If a bad day comes, you let it be and wait for the next race. 


We submit to you that: winning safebet tips takes 80% analysis and 20% luck. For us, we do the most difficult part for you – Game, trend, match, performance, squad, and scoring analysis. Let yourself be assisted, for once.  


Fact: You can stake as much as you want because you have confidence. The certainty of this 100%. 

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Safe bets are the real deal for sure straight wins. Over the years, football prediction sites were carelessly giving tips on every market. Today, we lead the others on working tirelessly to ensure you get winning football tips. Thisway, profitable betting becomes your daily mantra. Our tips come to you every day, especially if you submit your email. To us consistency is key to making cash every day – Says Safer Tips

Most popular football prediction tip

To start with, are you a daily punter or a weekly punter? Weak this because there are several approaches to betting; you can do it daily weekly – I.e  weekends, or midweek. Take half a minute to let know whether you are full time punter or parttime. 

Another question; do you prefer singles or bet accumulators tips? 

Well, as for the popular safe bet tip, it depended on your puntering behaviour. 

For single bets: Bet on this games

For 2 bets only: Bet of these two games

For 5 games multibet: Bet on these 5 accumulators

For 50+ odds: Register here


Safe bets tips prediction is what you need to profit in betting. We provide you with adequate guidance for free. Your big win is loading, just be a little more analytical and embrace betting discipline. However, gambling is addictive, bet wisely and do something else to earn a living.